Global Track Warehouse 2rd Factory

The Global Track Warehouse group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and supplier of high quality rubber tracks and rubber pads.
The complete production process of our rubber tracks and pads is controlled by entirely by GTW, beginning with blending of the rubber formula to insertion of the iron teeth, steel cable winding and the vulcanization to ensure the correct hardness and quality of the final product. Our factory has the latest advanced production equipment which allows for a very high efficiency process flow within the production lines of all our rubber track and pad products.
GTW is currently expanding the manufacturing site enabling production of our rubber track and pads to increase 3 fold on our current output and to expand our new Agricultural rubber track production. The new location will allow for further development of rubber track and pad products for the future as below picture.
“Global Track Warehouse 2rd Factory 2015”
The GTW factory has a first-class management team which includes engineers and technicians accounting for 30% of the total number of employees. 80% of our management team members hold the relevant technical qualifications relating to rubber track engineering, design and production. Our factory has implemented a quality management system with the highest quality testing capabilities, with tensile testing machinery, vulcanizing Miriam, wear testing machinery and other advanced detection equipment, this enables quality control competencies in every phase from the material arrival to WIP testing and finally the finished product.

As a specialised manufacturer of rubber tracks and pads we strive to ensure that the production process is strictly controlled and our products are of the highest quality. We always abide by our philosophy: providing a more professional, more circumspect service for your construction machinery.